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PCB design and layout
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PCB design and layout
PCB fabrication
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PCB Components assembly
PCB design and layout
PCB fabrication
PCB assembly
PCB Components assembly
PCB design and layout
PCB fabrication
PCB assembly
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PCB Design & Layout
With more than 10 years of experience, Bittele Electronics is capable of providing its clients with printed circuit board (PCB) design and layout services for a wide range of engineering applications, including both Design for Fabrication and Design for Test capabilities. We provide our clients with professional consultation on optimizing and improving their design and layout, as well as reducing the overall cost of manufacturing. Our capabilities include:
Bill of Materials Generation SMT solder paste stencil artwork
Multi-layer Designs Analog & Digital Designs
RoHS & Pb-Free compliance 10+ years of experience
Autorouting & Handrouting Schematic capture
Micro-BGA and BGA CAM data generation

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PCB Fabrication
Bittele Electronics has the capability of fabricating a wide range of printed circuit boards. Our PCB fabrication services, combined with our ISO-9001-certified manufacturing facilities, ensure that our clients obtain a high-quality final product at economical cost. We can accommodate fast-turnaround prototypes to meet tight lead times. We are capable of handling the following design requirements:
Multi-layer (1 to 30) Maximum Panel Size: 19.7" x 31.5"
Controlled Impedance Quick-turn Prototypes
100% Electrical Testing Blind, Buried and Plugged Vias
3 mil Traces/Spaces (5/5 is standard) Smallest Hole: 0.006"
FR4,Roger,Teflon and others RoHS & Pb-Free compliance

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PCB Assembly
Bittele Electronics is a one-stop PCB assembly service provider for prototype and low-volume manufacturing runs. Our complete assembly capabilities span BGA, Micro-BGA, QFN and leadless package parts. We enhance customer satisfaction by taking a total quality approach that begins with the procurement of components, and extends to PCB manufacture, assembly, testing, and shipping. Our electronic assembly services include:
SMT and Through-Hole Assembly Fine Pitch Placement
RoHS Compliance Assembly QFN and BGA Assembly
Full Turn-Key PCB Assembly BGA X-Ray Inspection
Prototype PCB Assembly AOI Testing
Low Volume PCB Assembly Functional Testing

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Parts Management
Bittele has a reliable component-sourcing system that is ideal for clients who seek a low-cost PCB assembly service. PCB components procurement and inventory management is secured by a highly experienced team of professionals. We have built long-term relationships with the major electronic component suppliers. The benefits of Bittele’s component sourcing include:
Components Procurement and Kitting Material Inventory Management
Sourcing of Hard-To-Find Parts Part Cross Referencing
Diverse Global IC Sources IC Programming
Incoming Component Verification Electrical Characteristic Analysis
BOM Price Quotes in 24 hours Competitive Surcharge Rates

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Low-Cost Turn-Key PCB Assembly

Bittele Electronics is a prototype and low-volume electronic contract manufacturer and full turn-key PCB assembly house. Our services include: PCB manufacturing, electronic component sourcing, printed circuit board assembly, chip programming, and final testing. In addition, we provide a cost-saving Design for Manufacturing (DFM) service, which ensures all details of PCB design files are accurate prior to the commencement of full-scale manufacturing.

Since 2003, our company has successfully served customers in the United States, in major Canadian cities such as Toronto, Montreal and Calgary, in Western Europe and in other regions of the world spanning many applications, business lines, and industry sectors. Our corporate headquarters is located in Toronto, Canada, and our production facility in Shenzhen, China. This allows us to provide low-cost circuit board manufacture, electronic components procurement, and PCB assembly services. We use local suppliers to obtain the lowest cost per part, as well as a reliable supply chain. We manage 320 employees in PCB fabrication, and 110 employees in circuit assembly. Our manufacturing facilities are ISO-9001 certified, and IPC-A-600 and IPC-A-610 compliant.

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