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Why Bittele?

Focus on What You Do Best

Whether your business focuses on research, development, innovation or business development, your decision to work with Bittele Electronics allows you to focus on what you do best by allowing us to do the PCB manufacturing, component procurement, programming, testing and final assembly for you.

Reduce Your Costs

We can decrease your PCB assembly costs through our comprehensive solution that is specifically adapted to your needs. Besides obtaining cost savings from the assembly process, Bittele also can reduce your costs via our design and/pre-engineering services. Most of our clients tell us that this benefit is the most important reason for maintaining a long term relationship with us.

Save You Time

Since our streamlined manufacturing processes include DFM check-to-gerber modification, fab-to-assembly, and parts procurement-to-assembly, Bittele saves you time both in production and in changing from one product to another. Our capabilities eliminates the uncertainties naturally created when a customer simultaneously works with multiple PCB manufacturing and assembly houses.

Simplify Your Parts Sourcing

With a devoted procurement staff, Bittele efficiently sources thousands of parts on a weekly basis. In addition, we have a large inventory of parts housed in our warehouses where the PCB production is located. By taking advantage of our Instant Online Quote Service, you can send your BOM and other relevant documents and we will send you an estimated material cost report. You can use our procurement services at no additional cost. If you are seeking to outsource your electronic parts procurement or services, we are your ideal, business partner.

Work with an Expert Team

Bittele Electronics is an expert in Design For Manufacture (DFM) and Design For Testing (DFT) services. We are capable of providing a level of professionalism and knowledge to satisfy all your needs in DFM review, PCB fabrication, and final assembly.

Adapt to Your Changing Business Needs

Bittele understands that its clients need a business partner with adaptability and flexibility to adjust to the changing needs of a global marketplace. We have developed processes that can respond to your changing requirements.
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