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How to Request a Sponsorship

To simplify the sponsorship request process, Bittele Electronics has developed a simple form and submission process so it can gain a better understanding of what project a student would like sponsored and what type of assistance the student needs from Bittele. The company provides both partial and full support of projects from qualified candidates.

For consideration of your team or PCB classroom project, please e-mail for further details. Once a request has been made, we will email you with the required web link to recognize Bittele on your webpage.

Discounts: Additional Benefit of Sponsorship

If you have a project for a competition that requires any type of PCBs or Assembly, Bittele Electronics will offer substantial discounts for the production of these PCBs. The discounts are:
  1. Student Project: 50% discount
  2. Club or Team Competition: 50% discount
  3. Classroom Instructors – Professor or TA: 50% discount

A student, team or organization not be allowed to use any of Bittele’s educational discounts until it has been accepted by our sponsorship program approval process.

Please keep in mind that Bittele receives many requests for assistance and we can’t oblige everyone, even though we wish we could. We will promptly respond to those students or teams who have been approved for sponsorship. If you don’t hear back from us, we can’t offer you any sponsorship at this time but encourage you to try again. If we need more information from you, we will send you an email.
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