Registered in 2003 as a Canadian company, Bittele Electronics Inc sets forth in this document its privacy policy, which applies to both itself and all other relevant organizations. The goal of this privacy policy is to ensure the protection of personal information that Bittele Electronics Inc considers of vital importance. As a voluntary policy for personal information protection, this document articulates the manner by which Bittele Electronics Inc manages personal information in terms of its collection, use, and disclosure.

How is personal information collected and used by Bittele Electronics Inc?

Bittele Electronics Inc collects both personal and non personal information. Personal information as defined by this policy will identify a specific individual yet does not include contact information (e.g., name, job title, official email, office phone and fax numbers or other sources of information) for business purposes. This policy defines “disclose” as the transmitting of information, be it personal, public or via an organization, through speaking, sending, or providing one’s personal information. When an individual gives Bittele Electronics Inc the permission to use their personal information, it will be used to provide, fulfill, measure, improve, or make adjustments to the following:
  1. Our products and/or services
  2. Customer service improvements
  3. New products and services offers
  4. Website and marketing program effectiveness
  5. Customer preferences
In addition, Bittele Electronics Inc will on occasion make adjustments to the information in terms of formatting it such that an individual’s personal identity no longer exists. This is done for purpose of statistical analysis.

Type of Information Collected by Bittele Electronics Inc

The following will detail how we collect and use personal information:

Order Entry Forms

Personal information from individuals who are not official business representatives will be used only for (i) order processing and (ii) infrequently for marketing promotion purposes.

Use of Personal Information

Personal information is not sold by Bittele Electronics Inc; however, personal information may be shared with 3rd party entities whom we have business relationships with and are doing so in accordance with the both the law and on your behalf.

Service Provider Use of Personal Information

Bittele Electronics Inc has a number of service providers to assist us in providing both products and services to our customers. These external providers include but are not limited to credit card and delivery companies. We may share personal information with them to address customer service issues such as verifying and validating information such as credit card information or mailing addresses. We make an effort to ensure personal information is used in an appropriate manner. In the event you’d prefer not to have your information provided to these service companies, we will abide by your instructions yet may be unable to process your orders until the issue is rectified.

Disclosure of Information as Required by Law

In accordance to legal requirements, Bittele Electronics Inc may be compelled to disclose personal information. Examples of these instances may include:

A government entity that lawfully is seeking to obtain personal information Personal information that appears to being used for criminal activities Information requests by attorneys representing Bittele Electronics Inc.

Safeguarding Personal Information

The safety and security of personal information is of supreme importance to Bittele Electronics Inc. We have established information security policies and standards to protect against the illegal use of personal information such as unauthorized access, disclosure, or misuse that is transmitted via hard copy or electronically. But we are not legally responsible for the loss, unintended use, unauthorized disclosure, or the damage/alterations a 3rd party may implement on personal information. We attempt to put in place rational precautions to prevent these unauthorized situations.

Limited Retention of Personal Information

It is the policy and retention standards of Bittele Electronics Inc to retain personal information only long enough to process orders, provide you information on our products/services or meet requirements set by law. When personal information is no longer needed, it is destroyed in an appropriate manner after personal identity information is removed. Upon request by the owner of the information, we will gladly remove all records of the information. In the event you request that we retain your personal information for billing, auditing or warranty verification, we will make an attempt to fulfill by your request in a timely manner.

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