Low Volume Circuit Board Assembly

Bittele Electronics is electronic contract manufacturer (ECM) that specializes in low volume, turnkey PCB assembly services. The turnkey service utilizes a Design-for-Manufacturing (DFM) and a Design-for-Testing (DFT) service. Low volumes are generally defined as small amounts of less than 5,000 PCBs.

Design-for-Manufacturing (DFM) Service

To circumvent any engineering problems that may impede the manufacturing process, as well as potential delivery delays, Bittele uses a Design-for-Manufacturing (DFM) service that functions as a quality check by reviewing a client’s engineering documents such as Gerber files, BOMs, assembly drawings, and circuit diagrams. In addition, it will panelize the PCBs, inspect your parts list to verify its correctness before the parts are ordered, and suggest a solder mask to obtain high yield rates. The DFM service is one of the prime ways Bittele Electronics can pass on cost reductions to its customers.

Design-for-Testing (DFT) Service

To support your PCB testing procedure while providing recommendation on how to place test points throughout your PCB, Bittele uses a Design-for-Testing (DFT) service. This product support service provides references on probe types, fixtures, and testing limitations. The DFT service will verify that your testing requirements, problem identification procedures, diagnostic instructions, and other references are functional.

PCB Sample Program

To avoid the risks and added expense associated with manufacturing rework, Bittele offers a unique PCB Sample Program. We will build a small number of PCBs for your order, and send them to you for inspection before the rest of the order is manufactured. Once the order has been certified for full production, we will provide full electrical testing on all manufactured PCBs, as well as X-Ray inspection to check the quality of part assembly for Ball Grid Arrays and other leadless packages. We use these methods to ensure that every PCB leaving our facility is in full working order.

Additional Way to Reduce Your Costs

Bittele takes pride in maintaining long-term relationships with its clients. We provide additional cost savings to our long-term customers by not charging for NRE and stencil charges on additional orders. In addition, Cost per part discounts are passed onto the customer since we use parts vendors who give Bittele quantity discounts. Our global supplier relationships allow us to purchase quality parts at competitive prices. Bittele ensures that our customers obtain the highest quality that a PCB turnkey service provider can offer.

How To Obtain a Quote

To place a low volume, PCB assembly quote for a future order is easy. Simply send your BOM List and Gerber files to sales@7pcb.com. We will respond promptly.

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