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IPC Apex Expo 2016

Bittele Experts Answered Technical Questions at IPC APEX EXPO

IPC apex expo IPC-member Bittele Electronics hosted technical Q&A sessions at the exhibitor booth No. 442 of IPC APEX EXPO 2016 on March 13-17, 2016. Bittele had PCB manufacturing experts available to answer questions posed by attendees on topics spanning all facets of printed circuit board assembly and production. Attendees had a chance to speak one-on-one with a technical expert, listen to a detailed discussion on Bittele's design for manufacturing (DFM) techniques, or learn more about printed circuit board assembly/fabrication.


The IPC APEX EXPO is considered on the definitive marketing, technical and career development event put on by the global, electronics manufacturing sector. For the five consecutive days that IPC APEX EXPO, electronics industry specialists can benefit from the training seminars, career connections and technical presentations on the newest and most innovative technologies today. The attendees of the IPC APEX EXPO will be exposed to new knowledge via the Conferences, Exhibits, Workshops and Training seminars. These informational sessions also provide attendees networking time and new information on the best practices for PCB manufacturing.
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